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Paris Creative Writers is a group of authors that meets up on Tuesdays from 14h to 17h30 at the Amazonial Café in Paris. Our members include publishers, agents, published and unpublished authors and those who are passionate about creative writing. Please feel free to join us for lunch at 13h.

At the writers' meetups, authors, whose work is in English, are given 30 minutes to use as they wish. You can either read 2000 (+/- 10%) of your work or send a copy of your text to each participant in advance so they can take more time jotting down their comments. The submission deadline is the Friday before the Tuesday workshop.

In order to stay in favor with the amicable proprietor of the café, participants are encouraged to purchase at least one drink. If you sign up then find you cannot attend, please notify the organizer so that he can give your place to another person who is on the waiting list. The cost of attending the group is 3€. So come along and lets get down to work.

Please note that our workshops at the café focus mostly on novel and short story writing and that beginner writers are welcome.

Paris Creative Writers also organizes book launches and writers' retreats every year at Château de Détilly in the beautiful Loire Valley where writers can work on their projects, read, critique and learn about the unique regional culture.

Please take a look at our website for further information:

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