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We've all dreamed of chasing rainbows... but what if the rainbow has very specific (and possibly deadly) ideas about who it wants chasing its tail? Death Canyon is an action-packed paranormal YA about two teenage boys on a dangerous wilderness quest. Ben only knows what he's running away from. Jules is focused on a misty, ever-changing, horizon he's running toward. Will either of them be able to find the haven they seek? Especially when there are so many cards stacked against them...

Gray Day, from Outback Australia, dreams of living the rest of his life in Paris, the City of Light, but all odds are stacked against him. And what if that dream were impossible to achieve! A stubborn, dithering middle-aged batchelor, nothing will stop him getting what he wants, but this time, he has finally met his match, or has he? 


Gray Day in Paris is a romantic comedy filled with hilarious misadventures of a bumbling university professor who thinks he is in control of his life including in out-of-control, bizarre situations until he meets Henri de Beauchamp.


Australia, 1937. Frieda and her four children leave the city to follow her husband Jack to Cloncurry, a small town in Western Queensland, unaware of the tragedy and sorrow that lies ahead. Stability and happiness are what she craves more than anything for her family. Jack, on the other hand, is obsessed with locating a copper motherlode in the abandoned mines and will sacrifice everything to find it, including the love she has for him. 


When they are forced to return to the city, Frieda discovers Jack’s secret causing her frustrated love to turn into bitterness and a desire for revenge. So, when Frieda follows Jack back to Cloncurry at the outbreak of WWII, their lives and relationship are very different. This time, she is determined to follow her own dream while Jack destroys everything he has left.

Ashley, an autistic middle-aged man, decides to find his purpose in life but doesn’t know where to begin, until Luca, a clinical psychology student comes along with a solution—get a big dog. Upon following Luca’s advice, Ashley winds up with Ramses, an Irish Wolfhound, the biggest dog breed there is. Ramses brings joy into Ashley’s life and the purpose he was looking for.

Fabulous Ramses is not only a heart-warming story of unconditional love and endless devotion between a man and his dog ; it’s also a disturbing story of mystery and intrigue that will keep you up all night.

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