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Historic Arch at Chateau de Detilly
Historic Arch
When you arrive at the château, you enter through the iron gate, walk or drive along the path that leads to the historic gateway. To your left you will see the rose garden where thousands of roses bloom, the orangerie and the Coach House.
The Grand Salon at Chateau de Detilly
Grand Salon
The Dining Room at Chateau de Detilly
To your right is the château, immaculately restored and decorated in a tasteful combination of Napoleon III and modern styles. Splendid mirrors, tapestries and oil paintings grace the walls; crystal chandeliers hang from the ceilings over antique furniture and statuettes.
As you enter the main doorway, the first thing you will see is the lavish entrance hall and stunning staircase. To your left is the spectacular grand salon and to your right, the main dining room that will both take your breath away.
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