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My Creative Writing Journey

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

I have never fixed on one particular genre because creative writing for me is an adventure that leads me into many different kinds of worlds. My first adventure began in 1996 when I wrote 'Surprise Party', a one-act play about a multiple murder that I set in a New York City apartment. My interest in music took me into the world of Dame Nellie Melba at the end of her operatic career. 'The Last Farewell' is biographical play. Many years later, in 2009, I decided to try my hand at YA. 'Death Canyon' is about a teenager who makes up his mind to run away from home and discover new worlds, which his does and in unexpected places. By writing about magic and time travel, I too, discovered places I'd never dreamed of but as a writer, had total control over. From magical lands to the Australian Outback was somewhat of a culture shock at first. 'Jack's Promises' is based on my grand-mother's memoirs and stories my mother told me of her life as a child in Western Queensland. As I delved into that world, my creative side took over and what I ended up with was a a melange of literary/historical fiction and memoir. Commuting to and from work in Paris was time consuming as I had to travers the city from one end to the other, so I decided to spend that time writing 'Gray Day in Paris', a hilarious romcom about a man searching for his creative talents. I actually wrote that novel in an exercise book and with a pencil—all of it. The novel I'm currently working is 'Fabulous Ramses'. It sounds lik a non-fiction book about an Egyptian pharaoh, but it's really a general fiction novel about an autistic man and his dog. I don't have any particular favourite novel, but if pushed, I'd have to say, 'Gray Day in Paris' because I can't resist a good laugh.


Jake Robbins is smart, deranged and a loser, and is determined to get revenge for those who have failed him. His play, ‘Surprise Party’ brings his victims together for an evening of fear, mystery, intrigue and the macabre where the lines between fiction and reality are blurred. Will anyone get out alive ? It’s Jake’s play so only he knows how it will end, or does he ? 


Surprise Party is fast moving, each page loaded with twists and turns you could never have imagined. After reading or seeing this play, you won’t want to go to another surprise party ever again.

Beveley Nichols, a journalist, meets Melba with the intention of writing her opinion of a notorious murder case, and ends up writing her memoirs. He gets to know Melba and becomes manager of her operatic company. At the end of her career, Melba is faced with the reality of saying farewell to her operatic career and her beloved fans and discovers that saying farewell isn’t the easiest thing she has ever had to do. 


The Last Farewell is a heart-warming story of a world famous opera singer who is struggling with growing old, and a loyal fan who realises his life and achievements are of equal importance to him. 

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